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The bar is back, with a garden!!!

Oceanside Gardens is pleased to introduce a multitude of new offerings with our transformation as we enter the age of Aquarius. As the Earth shifts from one axis to another so has this Bar with a shift from the inside to the outside. Literally. From a grocer to a garden, but still a bar.

We are a place where... individuality is valued, while holding and taking care of our community as a single unit. A place where the intangible is brought into life out of the ether itself.
Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing your BEST TIMES EVER. We have been doing “Since Forever”.

Come check out our (4) Semi-Secluded Gardens, the Astral Lounge, and Paradise itself as well as the Since Forever Speakeasy. Join us in the practices we share in finding ways to connect with people in our gardens.

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Our Menu

Want a drink?

Infused Cocktails from the Lab

  1. OG Orange Creamsicle

    $ 8.50

    House infused vanilla vodka and fresh squeezed oranges

    Contains Alcohol
  2. OG Cuba Libre

    $ 8.50

    Spiced rum and coke

    Contains Alcohol
  3. OG Pineapple Coconut Margarita

    $ 8.50

    House infused pineapple tequila with coconut, lime and agave

    Contains Alcohol
  4. OG Peanut Butter Whiskey Shot

    $ 8.50

    You read that right.

    Contains Alcohol


  1. Luna Margarita

    $ 8.50

    Tangy and sweet classic margarita

    Contains Alcohol
  2. Sky Paloma

    $ 8.50

    Grapefruit paloma topped with squirt

    Contains Alcohol
  3. A fresh leaf Mojito

    $ 8.50

    Tangy and minty classic rum mojito

    Contains Alcohol
  4. Dark and Stormy

    $ 8.50

    Dark rum with ginger beer and bitters

    Contains Alcohol

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New Offerings

Spatially Intelligent Offerings

New Semi-Secluded Garden Areas

o Silver Button Garden

o Mac Garden

o Fish Tales Garden

o Areca Garden

New Astral Lounge

The Original Since Forever Speakeasy

o Contact management@oceansidegardensdelray.com to reserve for private events

Drink Offerings

Pre-game Chiller Tubs

o Alice’s Tea Garden - 6 white claws 6 green/white tea..............................$50

o Buenos Dias– 4 modelos 4 Casamgos 4 limes 5oz ....................................$50

o The Original Gangsta’ - 32 oz. colt 32 oz highlife 4 Jagers Red Bull..............$50

o No Take Backs Bucket .............................................................$50

New Rotating Infusions

Speciality Drinks suck as the Signature Orange Crush

Here for a GOOD time…Not a Longtime…But We are Open 7 Days a Week!

o Oceanside Garden Hours 3pm-9pm

o Since Forever Speakeasy Hours 9:30pm-2am

It took a pandemic to make us close our doors and the stars to align in this new cycle as Jupiter meets Saturn in this Dawn of Aquarius. Aquarius, an Air sign it makes sense that we now move our business to the outside so to enjoy it. This astral shift will influence some of our favorite aspects of life including arts, music, and entertainment, and the values of the time.

Air is what you've experienced. What you're contributing to the world matters more. Aquarius is the humanitarian sign; you're going to see people helping people on a grand scale. Join us as we celebrate this on a smaller scale over a drink 3pm till 9pm in our Gardens.

We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead, and stand ready to partner with you in delivering an effective good time in a safe manner creating memories for the rest of your life.